At Alabama MedScreen, we provide the following testing
at our office or onsite at your location. 

Must be a minimum of 10 donors for an onsite collection.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing clearly decreases the chance of hiring a current substance abuser.  Drug testing may also discourage current users from seeking employment in workplaces where pre-employment tests are done. 

Random Testing

Random tests provide a deterrent to substance use and abuse because individuals have no way of knowing when testing will be conducted or whether they will be selected for testing.  

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Employers may test an employee that they reasonably suspect is abusing substances due to such evidence of patterns of abnormal or erratic behavior, physical symptoms, or arrests/convictions for drug-related offenses.  

Post-Accident Testing 

Employers may test an employee following all serious accidents or incidents while on company time.  Employees involved in accidents are often-times asked to take a drug test directly after an incident.  Even if the accident does not appear to be drug related, these tests may be necessary for legal or insurance purposes. 

Follow Up & Return-To-Duty Testing 

Employers may test an employee who has committed a drug or alcohol related violation, but who is seeking to resume employment based on compliance with your follow-up program. 

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