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How do I order medical records from Alabama MedScreen?

The best way to order records from us is through our brand new portal. To submit your request on-line through our secure, HIPAA compliant portal, simply complete a few questions regarding the patient, provider and ordering party. Alabama MedScreen will do the rest. Patient/facility specific authorizations can be attached to the order in the portal.

Does the same processor handle a case from start to finish?

Yes. Each order will be handled by a trained team member assigned to your account, and every order will be handled by that team member through completion of the order. You will have a name, email address and toll free phone and fax number to use in order to access your team member but any of our team members are eager and willing to help in any and every way possible.

How long are status notes held before they are purged?

Status notes are never purged and are permanently archived on our portal. Medical records are held in the portal for a minimum of six months.

Can the scope of records being requested be standardized so that redundant information does not have to be entered each time?

Yes. The scope of records can be standardized in an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes to enter an order, and eliminate the chance the requestor may enter incorrect information.

Does Alabama MedScreen offer the use of a credit card in order to pay for records?

Yes. We take advantage of the credit card for prepayments and medical records whenever possible. Alabama MedScreen keeps a database of every location ever visited which offers important details on repeat visits to providers and facilities. For example, prepayment amounts, credit card acceptability, checks only, pricing information, estimated turnaround times, etc. Alabama MedScreen also has access to the largest proprietary Doctor and Facility database in the country.

Does Alabama MedScreen offer a paperless system for incoming and outgoing correspondence?

Yes. Alabama MedScreens’ portal is designed to offer a paperless option for the client as well as ourselves. Orders are received, processed and transmitted from our system without having to print any information. Our clients can submit orders, check status and retrieve records directly from our secure, HIPAA compliant system.

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