Service is our only business...we do it right and we do it right now!

At Alabama MedScreen, our motto is “Service is our only business…we do it right and we do it right now!” In other words, our mission is to set ourselves apart from our competition by providing the best quality service possible in each of our departments. Listed below are some of the services we provide that allow us to promote the best business and personal relationships with each of our clients.

Outstanding Personalized Customer Service

When you deal with Alabama MedScreen, you will get a live person on the phone every time.  Each staff member is capable of handling every call and if your concern isn’t addressed, they will find the right person to assist you.

Flexible Reporting Options

You can receive all test results by picking them up at our location, or by phone, fax or email!

Alternative Testing Methods

Urine drug screening is the most common form of drug screening, but not always the best. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your drug free workplace program, sometimes a combination of urine, hair, and saliva methods are best. We will work with you to select the best option for you and your company.

Customized Billing Options

We provide several billing options for our clients, and we are more than happy to accommodate each client’s preference. We offer monthly billing options in which an invoice is issued to your company on a routine basis, or donors can pay via cash, check or credit card at our office.

Easy Account Set Up

It is so easy to set up a new account or make changes to an existing one. Call today to set up your account and we can begin testing right away!

Independent Review of All Drug Test Results using a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

The MRO office is the gatekeeper and your safeguard for accurate and reliable results. Don’t assume the risk of receiving results, some of which are positive, without a licensed doctor to review the lab work. Results that are 'signed off' on by the MRO are legally defensible documents. Alabama MedScreen uses an MRO for ALL drug tests that utilize our chain of custody form and our lab.

Written Policy Reviews

Do you have a standard drug testing or breath alcohol testing policy in place for your employees? Alabama MedScreen can provide policy rewrites and write new policies. We can take existing policies and review them for up‐to‐date accurate information for a nominal fee.

Random Testing Management

Many companies are now utilizing random drug testing. Statistics show a random testing program is part of a successful total drug free workplace program. Alabama MedScreen can provide random pulls for you at any frequency for a $75.00 fee each draw.

DOT Compliance Program

If you have any clients that are regulated under the Department of Transportation, they must be drug tested. Truck drivers, airline workers, bus drivers, etc. are all required to be under a drug free program. We offer drug testing for every DOT mode. Clients regulated by DOT who are not doing this testing are subject to thousands of dollars in fines. Call us to find out how to become compliant today.